The Best Smartphones for Blogging on the Go

If you’re reading an article dedicated to finding the best smartphones for blogging, then it must be a big part of your life. And it is right to be. Many people have turned blogging into their career, and for many more, it is still their passion. From food to travel to gaming to relationships, people write blogs about anything and people read blogs on all sorts of subjects.

Yet blogging can be difficult to keep up with, especially if you have other responsibilities and travel often. Yet smartphones have allowed us to keep up with everything else, so why not blogging too? You can type documents, edit web pages, and so much more with the right tools, and they are readily available. And with smartphone cameras and more, you can use your smartphone to bring your blog to new heights. Even checking to see how a page or post might look on mobile 

And if you’re looking for a new phone already, it would be wise to consider your blogging needs in mind. You want to make a good investment, and a little research would be warranted. Fortunately, we’ve done most of the legwork for you, so just keep on reading.

What to Look for:

Some smartphones are better for blogging than others. Yet what makes them so? We’ve narrowed it down to a few key facets and features, listed below:

Camera Quality: Most of the time people’s primary camera is on their phones. For a blogger, this is no different, even if you have a camera specifically for blog use. Bringing your DSLR everywhere can be cumbersome or even risky. You don’t know what might come up, so having a good camera on-hand is a huge benefit. And with smartphone cameras improving rapidly, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a great camera (or set of them) on your next phone. Don’t forget about video and customization features as well. 

Ease-of-Use: You want to be able to take out your phone to capture something interesting in a heartbeat, and you also want it to be stable and good for those long yet impromptu writing sessions. This can all come in part from the customization options available to you, how responsive the controls and touch screen are, and some other features that you might not even notice, like button placement and the size of the unit. Whatever is easiest for you and what you would find more convenient, make sure your next phone has it.

Screen Size and Screen Resolution: You want a phone that is large enough to work with, whether you’re working on a larger or smaller post. While one inch or two might not seem like a lot right now, you notice, feel, and see the difference each time you take out your phone, and most bloggers prefer a bigger screen to work with. You will be using it every day, make sure that you are neither straining your eyes to use it nor that it's too big to easily hold and work with.

Also, screen resolution can matter even if you aren’t planning on streaming the latest shows at the highest quality. You want to be able to view your posts in the way many of your readers might. It can be hard to understand the placement of high-resolution photos if you can’t see them in all their glory yourself. And being able to catch more detail without moving around the screen can improve productivity.

Processing Power: The processing power of a smartphone doesn’t get as much attention as it would on a computer, but it is no less important. A better processor allows you to get tasks done faster, open apps faster, and keep more apps and processes running at the same time without issue. If you’re hard at work on your blog, you don’t want to be held back by computing power.

Storage: There isn’t too much to say here except that more is better. The phones of today can easily have 256GB of storage or more. Also look for a microSD card slot or something similar, with which you can expand the memory of the phone even more. You might want to invest in cloud storage or other solutions for your blog but having a lot of media available quickly has its benefits, and you never have to worry about taking too many pictures or videos.

Durability: Chances are you aren’t going to be blogging from a warzone (in which case we would have different recommendations), but accidents happen and you want to feel confident your phone can handle a drop or two. A good case will pick up the slack, but make sure the screen doesn’t crack easily and look for water resistance, if possible. You never know what could happen.

Battery Life: You want your phone to be able to go all day without additional charging. The longer the battery life, the better.

There may be other things that you might want to consider if you are getting a smartphone, but for blogging they’re mostly irrelevant. Your readers probably won’t learn about the color of your smartphone, and your case will cover it up anyhow. Similarly, audio quality is good to have, but not necessary for your blog in most cases.

The 12 Best Phones for Blogging on the Go

With all the above in mind, there are still too many smartphones on the market to keep track of. We’ve narrowed it down a bit for you to 13 top choices, though, and we’re confident you’ll be happy with one of them. Note that they’re not in order of recommendation but instead in order of brand. What is best for one blogger will not necessarily be best for another. You might key in on one feature, and that’s perfectly fine and even encouraged. Listen to your instincts and remember what you are looking for and have the budget for.

Without further wait, here are our top 12 picks:

1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

There are phones for every occasion, and then there’s the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which might be the best Android phone on the market as of this writing, and simply the best phone overall. It lacks for nothing, and there are a total of 5 cameras on this one, each of them with a purpose and great specs. It can go up to 100x zoom, for reasons we can’t even be sure about for your blog (maybe you can think of something).

Of course, a camera does not a phone make. But it has so much more than a camera. It has the best mobile processor you can find in a market where they are indeed hard to find. It has potentially great memory capacity (though no microSD card slot). It has quad HD resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate. It might be more than you need for your blog, but has that ever stopped you before?

All in all, if you want the best and are willing to spare no expense on your phone (and ideally have one that will last you for years), go with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. You will almost certainly be happy with it.

Recommended for: Bloggers who want the smartphone that can not only do everything but also might be the best at those things.

2. Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

Not everyone has a huge budget for their smartphone or blogging, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice too much when it comes to quality. For those bloggers on a budget that still want a phone they can be proud of, we recommend the Samsung Galaxy A32.

The phone has a strong battery life, a tough design, and a processor that will be fine for most blogging tasks. And as you can tell from the name, it has 5G support for the best data plan speeds, and you’ll be able to download whatever you need at competitive speeds.

The main downside to the Samsung Galaxy A32 is the screen resolution. It is only a 6.5 inch LED 720 x 1600. While this would have made waves even a few years ago, other smartphones of today simply have it outclassed here. You might not also be impressed by the speakers, so bring some earbuds if you want to listen to music. Nonetheless, it is still enough to do most of the things you want, and you’ll be grateful for the strong battery life and the cameras that are still included with the phone. 

Recommended for: Bloggers who want a highly affordable smartphone with some strong features to carry them through the next few years.

3. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

For this last option from Samsung, we’re getting a bit more into experimental territory. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is the latest in a line of phones hoping to make the most of a foldable screen, maintaining the portability of other phones while providing much more screen space than average for people to work with. And while there were some issues people had with the earlier models (the price being one of them, with this one setting people back about $1800 at a standard price.

However, despite the price and some potential concerns, the Galaxy Z Fold3 can be amazing for bloggers who want a lot of room to work with at 7.6”. It also has a stylus that feels great to use, a “flex mode” that effectively lets you split the screen in two and use both at once, and is made of sterner stuff than most other smartphones. This is one you’ll want to look into more to see if it's right for you and your blog, and ideally, you can hold one yourself before buying.

There is also the lighter and smaller Galaxy Z Flip3 5G if you’re looking for something just a little bit less, but the Fold3 is what we think most bloggers will want to go for.

Recommended for: Bloggers who want a phablet experience and a large screen to work on with an excellent phone, and who aren’t afraid to pay for it.

4. OnePlus 9 Pro

A strong choice overall, the OnePlus 9 Pro is the offering that came for some out of nowhere that is a contender for one of the smartphones on the market overall, not just for bloggers. It has some of the fastest charging times among smartphones (both wired and wireless), a lovely look, a great screen complete with a 120Hz refresh rate, and amazing cameras.

And while it is expensive, the critics agree that the OnePlus 9 Pro can keep up with even the best competitors on the market, with plenty of default storage, quick charging for when you’re on the go, and one of the best camera setups in the smartphone industry. Some phones have better cameras, but only slightly, and many would counter that the OnePlus 9 Pro is better for people on the go.

It could be soon outdated by other phones by the time you read this considering its launch date, but for the moment it remains an excellent flagship experience for bloggers.

Recommended for: Bloggers who might not be interested in an Apple or Samsung Product who still want a spectacular smartphone.

5. Google Pixel 5a

While the Samsung Galaxy A32 might have been the cheapest option, the Google Pixel 5a has a lot to offer in terms of value while being a reasonable purchase for the average blogger. And while it looks rather simple, the insides and what it can offer are anything but. It has 5G connectivity, a sturdy build that will weather the storm with a good case, and a 6.34” screen that has a 1080p resolution (nothing special, but fine for more of a budget phone).

Yet the camera is the real draw here. Google has installed excellent image processing into this phone, and it shows. The 12.2MP main camera and 16MP ultra-wide camera get all the support they need, as well as the standard selfie camera every phone has these days. Outside of the camera, it has standard specs that neither disappoint nor draw potential buyers, which is fine for its price class.

If you’re looking for a mid-range phone that is perfect for bloggers, then there’s no need to keep looking. The Google Pixel 5a will get you where you need to go and stick with you during those long days of blogging. And it will take beautiful photos as you go along.

Recommended for: Bloggers who want a reasonably affordable Android phone with a great camera setup and solid general features.

6. Google Pixel 6 Pro

Yet perhaps you want something a little fancier than the Google Pixel 4a, though you like what it has to offer on a base level. Well, that’s what the Google Pixel 6 Pro is for. 

And where the Google Pixel 6 Pro shines is its camera. They’re simply what the Pixel line is known for. The main sensor is 50MP, and it has a 12MP ultrawide camera and a 48MP telephoto sensor with a 4x optical zoom. You just don’t see this in most cameras, and your readers will appreciate the better photos. If you want to see more, we recommend checking out the photo comparisons in this review.

With the lenses, night sight, and water resistance, with the right case and a bit of care this phone can go anywhere with you and serve your blog well. You might want to bring some charging equipment though, as the phone’s main point against it is a shorter battery life than its competitors.

Recommended for: Bloggers who want a flagship camera phone without necessarily paying full flagship prices.

7. Apple iPhone 13

If you are a fan of Apple and like the latest and greatest, then chances are you already were looking into the iPhone 13, especially if your current model is a few years old. The new release has become a regular tradition, and there is usually at least one thing that will wow bloggers and improves their lives.

One of the biggest improvements is a camera upgrade over the 12 series, and the iPhone 13 series as a whole is better at taking images in medium and lower lighting, and while the selfie camera isn’t as strong as competitors, you aren’t as likely to be using it for your blog anyway.

And what does the iPhone 13 have to offer in other departments? An A15 chip, which is a marked improvement over the iPhone 12. It also runs iOS 15, which has a bunch of small improvements and features that you’re likely to notice over time. It can be the small things that make working on your blog easier. 

Essentially, the iPhone 13 is what you’d expect, and what bloggers who are Apple fans might want.

Recommended for: People looking for a great Apple phone and already are somewhat convinced they want an iPhone 13 to begin with.

8. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max with 5G

While the iPhone 13 is out, that is not to say we need to completely neglect the best phones of the generation before, especially when they can be had at a discount. The iPhone 12 Pro Max with 5G is the upgrade the line needed to keep up with today’s behemoths, and it does so with aplomb.

And while the iPhone 12 standard is a perfectly good phone, we think the Pro Max takes it just enough further that it will be good for a few years of usage without feeling the slowdown or the obsolescence. While we want to say a phone should last as long as you want it to, the reality is that simply isn’t the case.

Naturally, this is another one of those phones that is not cheap to get, as you are paying partially for the Apple brand, but you will get the support iPhone owners expect. If you aren’t too tech-savvy compared to other bloggers, then the phone will still be a breeze to use for your blog and get all the notes and photos (given the camera is an upgrade from other iPhone 12 models) as well.

Recommended for: Bloggers who want a top-class iPhone that doesn’t have the latest and greatest features, but has more than enough for the average person in today’s world.

9. Apple iPhone 13 Mini

Next up we have the Apple iPhone 13 Mini, which is yet another variation of the iPhone, but we think it will be handy for those bloggers who need something small, have very small hands, or don’t have a lot of pockets or purse space. It might not be your first thought, but comfort is important and your blogging phone will likely be your regular phone at the same time. People with larger hands or looking for something else need not apply, though: there’s nothing special that would make you change your mind.

The battery life might also not be as strong as some of the other iPhone models, but the Apple iPhone 13 Mini also happens to be the cheapest model of the current generation, being a bit kinder to the budget-conscious bloggers out there. And there’s little else that is a downside from the other models. The processing power is about the same, and the camera is just as good as the standard model. If you don’t mind a smaller screen, then you can blog like you would on any other phone.

Recommended for: Bloggers who love iPhones or the idea of working with an iPhone, but want something more portable or a little less expensive.

10. Apple iPhone 13 Pro

It’s here and the fans already love it. Many bloggers have enjoyed what Apple has to offer with their phones, having excellent cameras and apps that are easy to use (at least the ones that come native to the phone). And the 13 line has its “Pro” or “Max” variation like any other. This time the changes are a bit more noticeable, hence our reason to include both versions here.

Comparing it to the iPhone 13 standard, the pro has more storage size options going up to 1TB, a bit more RAM (6GB), and can get a bit brighter than its normal version. Interestingly, the Pro can have a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, a first where smartphones are concerned. You can also get a bit more processing power out of the pro, using a five-core processor instead of the usual four. These features might make scrolling through videos and finding that perfect screenshot just a bit easier.

The iPhone 13 Pro is a bit heavier due to the difference in materials used to build the phones. The dimensions are the same, however, and are generally resistant to all the same issues and potential damaging agents. Outside of the above changes, though, the biggest difference is the camera. The Pro simply has a better one, with a triple-lens (Telephoto, Wide, and Ultra Wide) setup on the back and more features than we could list here. If photos are important, spend a little extra and get the iPhone 13 Pro instead of the other models. And if you want a larger screen on top of the above, get the Pro Max.

Recommended for: Bloggers who want the absolute best Apple smartphone experience available on the market today.

11. Sony Xperia Pro-I

If you are looking for a more expensive phone that will serve your blog for years to come, then look no further than the Sony Xperia Pro-I. While it cost about $2500 at release ($1800 or so at the time of this writing), which is far, far more than the average person should be paying for a smartphone, the Sony Xperia Pro is more than just a smartphone. It is everything you could possibly need as a photographer outside of a dedicated camera. We encourage you to check out the detailed camera specs here, as we could not do them justice in summary.

In truth, we only recommend the Sony Xperia Pro to serious bloggers who blog with the intent on a photo and video-heavy reader experience. If you’ve been thinking about a huge upgrade or even this phone in particular for some time now though, consider this a sign to take the plunge and bring your blog to the next level.

We think it happens to be the best phone for the job due to the incredible camera features (this includes video) and some of the strongest specifications that can be found. Yet it’s not for everyone. It isn’t as convenient as most normal phones, it isn’t as easy to use as many other phones, and there’s no wireless charging or a few other convenient features we come to expect. Still, it is great for what it was made for, making it the perfect choice for a select few of your readers.

Recommended for: Bloggers who want an expensive camera first and a smartphone second, but want to keep both devices in one.

12. Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G

We decided to add an additional pick beyond our usual ten for one reason: some people might like to use a stylus with their phone if they’re working on their blog, and the Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G has that and is available for an affordable price. It might not have some of the breathtaking features that the $1000+ phones offer, but it does provide everything a blogger needs to get the ball rolling, a lot of control over your work, and getting your notes down fast. The stylus has a built-in slot on the phone, by the way, so you won’t lose it as easily as you think you will.

It is a more productive phone than many, if you are a productivity geek like many of us, you will enjoy the notetaking features, the ease of use, and the great 48Mp quad camera setup. It is far more than what you’d expect from a phone of this price range, and it’s a great deal for today. The default storage is a bit less than many phones, and it isn’t too much of an upgrade over the 4G version that came out last year, but that model was strong enough that there isn’t too much that required work.

Recommended for: Bloggers who want a reasonably priced yet reliable phone that has stylus features.

A Few Other Items

All the above phones are great no matter what type of blog you are looking for or whether you are trying to make it big or not, but there might be a few other items to get or look into that will make your life easier:

  • By getting a portable/roll-up keyboard, you will be able to get all the advantages of typing out your posts while not having to lug around an actual keyboard. They’ll easily fit in a bag or in some cases even a large pocket. Handling short posts with your thumbs is alright, but in truth, you know that you want a keyboard when you have more complex thoughts on your mind. You may also want to consider a mouse, but honestly, we think that won’t be necessary for people used to smartphones. Your hand will be more precise on those screens.
  • While the selfie stick is something of a cliché at this point, there is an argument to be made for having an item or two that makes taking better photos for your blog easier. Whether it is a portable tripod, a selfie stick (they have gotten better over the years), or some portable lighting that will work better than the light on your phone, there ought to be a few things that will help.
  • Some apps can be handy to have for blogging. Evernote can help you keep track of ideas and take quick notes in any format about what you’re doing and where you’re going. Other apps are perfect for interviews. Think about what you need for your blog in particular.
  • While your phone can do a lot, don’t keep all your data in one place. Phones do get lost or stolen, so we recommend doing your blog work on a cloud service or a web-based service. At the very least upload your work to one regularly.
  • Do not forget about the security of your phone and accounts. There are plenty of apps that can help with this, and engage with the security features available by default on your phone’s OS. A stolen account or phone can ruin months of progress and derail all your hard work.


Of course, blogging shouldn’t be your only consideration, but if you’re reading this then we know it is a major part of your life. You can make do with your current phone we’re sure, but if you’re in the market, consider one of the options above. We know you won’t regret it, and you’ll be happy you made the leap soon enough. Weigh all your choices carefully, and we wish you luck with your blogging endeavors!