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Cheapest Ting Cell Phone Plan

Plan:Ting Flex

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    Ting's $10 Flex Plan Details

    If you choose to use Ting's Flex plan without data, then Wi-Fi calling, visual voicemail, and VoLTE should all work properly. However, MMS (group and picture messaging) does require a small amount of data for the messages to send and receive. MMS will only work if you choose to purchase data with this plan.

    Best Overall Ting Cell Phone Plan

    Plan:Ting Unlimited Pro

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      Order Now For Only $60/mo!

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      Ting's $60 Unlimited Pro Plan Details

      You can use up to 30GB of data as hotspot data with Ting's $60 Unlimited Pro plan. Your hotspot data usage counts against the plans total high-speed data allotment of 35GB. After you use 35GB, your data speeds will be slowed to 2G speeds (128Kbps). You can purchase additional high-speed data packs for $5 per 1GB. High-speed data packs will rollover to your next billing cycle if they are not used up.

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